Raheel Shaikh

“The beauty of PACENET is everything you could possibly need in an electronic database, is right there, straight in front of you. You save so much time and effort because you don’t need to try and ‘find’ anything, PACENET presents us with the information and fields we require.


We use PACENET on a daily basis and the time-saving benefits are indisputable.

I have used PACENET for many years and I have also worked with other electronic databases in different hospitals and I have found that other systems can often be very difficult to use. PACENET provides us with the tools we need significantly better than any other database I have ever used, it improves efficiency and the auditing tool is invaluable to us for gathering information quickly, rapidly responding to any MDA alerts or finding out details about our patients who have been lost to follow up etc.

One of the most impressive aspects of the system is the reports it can generate. At a glance, all clinicians (regardless of whether or not they are cardiac specialists) can see all of the important details from the report straightaway such as; if a patient is pacing-dependent or not, what medication they are on, the device they have, when the device was implanted – everything. You can trust that no important information will ever be left out of a follow up or procedure report as PACENET will not let you finalise an incomplete report, the system ‘knows’ what information is important.

We use PACENET on a daily basis and the time-saving benefits are indisputable. We do around 20 patient reports per day on the system and we save at least 7-8 minutes per patient compared with any other electronic system I have used. You can really see how the time-saving racks up fast, because if you see 20 patients a day and save 8 mins per patient, that’s over 2.5 hours saved every day – which is about 17.5 hours a week!

Over time, healthcare has changed and advanced, we don’t need really elaborate, confusing systems that are so difficult to use that they actually end up taking more time out of our working days. Nowadays, what we need is straightforward, clever technology like PACENET that equips us with the tools and knowledge we need in order to help our patients as efficiently as possible.”

– Raheel Shaikh, Lead Cardiac Physiologist/Specialist in Cardiac Arrhythmias.

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